Kojic acid cream before and after

How Kojic Acid Has Intensified Beauty

Naturally extracted from fungi or mushrooms and rice malts, the Kojic Acid is the solution for many people out there who are on the look-out for an effective skin whitening solution. Skin whitening ranges from evening out unbalanced colors or tones of the skin. Removing freckles or spots caused by chemical or natural reasons, lightening the skin to expose a more fair tone and even eliminating past scars. The following is a short insight of the kojic acid cream before and after to help you understand how Kojic Acid may be the missing ingredient through all this time.

How it works

The agent works to stop the production of melanin that determines the color of the skin. This is scientifically named as pigment. The production comes to a halt gradually but is most effective in making sure that your skin tone remains in this color for the long run. This is one of the beneficial features of Kojic Acid making it a leading and highly popular element in most beauty products worldwide.

A summary of after-effects

Before the use of Kojic Acid a client reports that her skin was highly prone to acne and as they were starting to become worse, the skin became red. After appliance of the Kojic Acid, her skin became clearer in only 5 days. To start with the acne decreased significantly, eliminating almost 80% of the previous whiteheads. The red tone was gone completely and was replaced with a lighter tone instead.

On the first day, the effect of Kojic Acid extracts made the skin feel tighter. This is the process of preparing for peeling that was taking place. Actual peeling took place on the second day and was most visible around the forehead. As a consequence of this, the peeling made the skin rather dry but with the help of moisturizer this made the skin more rejuvenated and less dry. On the third day, the dry, tight and bumpy skin surface went away and was replaced with smoother skin. It was soft as well. On the fourth until the fifth day the scars were nowhere to be found.

skin bleaching before and after

bleaching skin before and after

skin bleaching before and after pictures

skin bleaching before and after pictures


From the passages above you can see that Kojic Acid has a fast result as well as a result that works. In no more than a week the user has eliminated a great deal of the skin tone issues and replaced with a younger and healthier look. Side effects of the Kojic Acid in forms of cream as well as soap are very normal. They are very rare as well considering the fact that Kojic Acid is made from nothing less than fungi or rice malt, which are natural ingredients from the earth.

However, to be completely sure, check with your dermatologist to prevent triggers of allergies making your skin worse. Whitening the skin using natural products require patience in order to see the best results. Within 6 weeks or slightly more, you can see the results sink in and become a permanent upgrade of skin beauty.

Kojic acid and hydroquinone

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