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Possible Kojic Acid Side Effects That Damage Skin

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Having fair and white skin doesn’t seem to be enough for any women around the globe. When new beauty products that claims to make skin lighter and fair emerge on the market, these women will immediately put their hands on the products and try it. Kojic acid soap has gotten quite an attention for some while. Formerly made quite a popular beauty product in Japan, Philipines, and other East Asian countries, this whitening soap has reached out to global market. Kojic acid soap give fast and powerful effect to the skin. It’s an exfoliating and whitening skin that can quickly remove dark spots on the skin. It works directly to break down the outer skin layer and get rid off damaged skin cell, which will leave healthy and new skin cell. This new skin cell is obviously fair and light, giving the final result of fair and white skin color.

Although kojic acid soap can instantly work into the skin and remove dark spots and uneven sunburn, there are some concerns on kojic acid side effects that are probably dangerous. It’s obvious that you need to know the real truth of certain beauty products before applying it unto your skin. One thing that frequently mentioned about kojic acid soap is the stinging effect when using this soap. It’s quite simple to use this soap. You just need to rub this bar soap and gently massage it for 1-2 minutes unto facial skin. Letting the kojic acid to penetrate into the skin and works into pigmentation spots on the skin, you need to leave the soap for 5 minutes. Then, you can wash it clean with water. Mostly, the stinging sensation only happen during those 6-7 minutes when the soap is still on the skin, but some people mentioned they still feel the stinging sensation for a couple of minutes afterwards, even after they have cleanly washed the soap. Kojic acid soap also makes the skin extremely dry. Therefore, applying moisturizer becomes an important thing if you use kojic acid soap. Kojic acid soap truely makes skin lighter, but some people think the skin color is pale and unatural. Besides, Kojic acid soap works to block melanin pigments. This can be dangerous as melanin is usefull to protect skin from dangerous sun light. Therefore, you need to apply sunscreen with minimum SPF 25 when going out under the sun.

Completing the kojic acid beauty product set, you can apply facial cream after using the soap. Of course, kojic acid cream side effects also become another concern that you have in mind. The effects of kojic acid soap is different on each person. If you find nothing wrong about the product and it works find to get rid off dark spots, acne spots, blemish, sunburn, or freckles that you have, then it should be fine to apply the facial cream. Although kojic acid soap is said to be safe for all skin types, people with sensitive skin should take precautions before using  this exfoliating soap. The best way to protect yourself is by testing the soap on the skin of inner arm. See if your skin shows any sign of side effect before using the soap unto your facial skin.

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